At Servco Pacific Capital (SPC), we believe in building businesses through investments and partnerships rooted in respect, communication, leadership and support. With our 100 years of entrepreneurial history, we understand a variety of consumer and distribution businesses. We know how to build a strong customer service culture, and we have learned how to develop sound processes and appropriate metrics to deliver great service. Furthermore, we are very patient, and are willing to hold businesses for relatively long periods and continuously improve them. This means guiding companies in every sense of the word.

SPC offers a highly differentiated option to growing businesses who are seeking capital partners within the Pacific. We invest with an eye on identifying investment opportunities that could eventually be a part of Servco’s operations. But our approach is flexible and stays focused on helping our partners maximize their growth. More importantly, we believe in infusing our investments with Servco’s core strengths, building on a foundation of strong company culture and values. Servco Pacific Capital is committed to making investments that last generations.