Lasting Legacy


Peter Fukunaga emigrates from Japan to Hawaii at 16 years old and initially finds work as a sugar cane plantation worker on the Big Island.


After World War I, Peter borrows $25 to make a down payment on a two-car garage on the North Shore of Oahu.


Peter and two other garages join together to form Waialua Garage Company and acquired the first Chevrolet franchise from General Motors in Hawaii. Today, Servco is the oldest continuously-operating Chevy franchise West of the Rockies.


Largely to combat the Great Depression, Peter diversified his business to survive – thus began Servco’s ventures in appliances, jewelry, dry goods, sundries, and more.


Following a naming contest, Waialua Garage Company becomes Service Motor Company to reflect what was at the heart of the company and move to Wahiawa, Hawaii.


World War II generates a shortage of cars, home appliances and cash. Service Motor Company pivots to selling used cars and household items while creating new financing options in order to meet the needs of its customers.


Peter Fukunaga establishes the first employee profit sharing retirement plan in Hawaii for his team members & founds the Fukunaga Scholarship Foundation, which today has helped hundreds of Hawaii’s youth pursue a higher education with a 4-year degree in Business.


Service Motor Company becomes the exclusive distributor for Toyota Motor Corporation in Hawaii.


Peter Fukunaga’s sons, George and Tom, take leadership.


Recognizing its widening geographic reach and product diversity, the company created a holding company, Servco Pacific Inc.


Servco further diversifies by acquiring a Bridgestone Tires franchise distributorship and Hawaii’s exclusive Suzuki 4-wheel vehicle franchise. Servco also gains control of the American Insurance Agency, now called Servco Pacific Insurance. A joint venture, the Pacific International Company, also forms to develop the Guam Shopping Center and Gibson Department Stores.


Servco is a founding investor in Bill Schultz’s buyout of Fender from CBS Musical Instruments.


Servco founds the Servco Foundation to fund college scholarships for employees' children and spouses, and to make charitable contributions to worthy nonprofit organizations in the communities in which we do business.


Leadership of Servco passes to the third generation of the Fukunaga family. Mark Fukunaga is named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Eric Fukunaga is named President and Chief Operating Officer.


Servco exceeds $500 million in gross revenues.


Servco acquires sole distribution rights for Subaru vehicles in Hawaii, in the process adding two new dealerships on Oahu and gaining the existing dealer network on neighboring islands. Servco also expands to Australia by acquiring a Toyota dealership in Brisbane.


Servco expands its insurance division, opening offices in the state of Washington and Oregon.


Servco acquires a controlling interest in Fender Musical Instruments Corp.


Servco exceeds $1 billion in consolidated revenues and wins Hawaii’s #1 Best Place to Work.


Servco’s presence in Australia grows to 7 dealerships representing 4 automobile manufacturers. Servco also spins out its private-equity division, Servco Pacific Capital.


Eric Fukunaga retires as president of Servco Pacific Inc. and Rick Ching takes over as President and COO.